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Babin Dmitry Nickolayevich

Dr. of Sc., Professor, Dep. Head of the PTC Laboratory

D.N. Babin Babin Dmitry Nikolaevich was born on September 2, 1954 in Baltijsk, Kaliningrad Region.

He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University in 1976 as a student in mathematics and in 1979 as a post-graduate student in mathematics. In 1980 – 1986 he worked as an engineer of Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University, where he studied mathematical modeling of visual and acoustic organs of humans and animals, and wrote a number of papers dealing with this theme.

In 1985 – 1990 he taught informatics in Physics and Math School of MSU. Since 1987 he works at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics.

Area of scientific interests. Babin Dmitry Nikolaevich is the leading specialist in the field of discrete mathematics and informatics. He has fundamental results in the theory of automata and functional systems, as well as in pattern recognition theory.

In 1985 D.N. Babin defended a PhD thesis on mathematical cybernetics, where the verbal operation over automate has been introduced and its connection with the traditional operations of superposition and feedback has been investigated; this allowed to solve a number of problems concerning the completeness of specific systems of automata.

In 1987 D.N. Babin proved the theorem about existence of complete systems of arity two for finite automata (analog of 13th Hilbert's problem). Moreover, he was able to show that the system, composed of one-place automata and all boolean functions, is complete with regard to the operation of superposition.

In 1998 D.N. Babin defended a thesis of doctor of science, where the classification of automata basises was constructed concerning the solvability property of the completeness problem. The obvious boundary in terms of Post's Lattice was ascertained, separating solvable cases from insolvable ones. The work summarizes all attempts for the last decades to find out the samples of automata systems, for which solvability or insolvability takes place. In certain sense, it gives the final answer for the question stated.

D.N. Babin's applied researches relate to the field of creation of specific pattern recognition systems. The group of researchers and post-graduate students under the scientific direction of D.N. Babin developed a computer speech recognition system, which allowed to surely recognize operator's commands in industrial noise conditions after preliminary training. This was used for creating of active headset for the international crew of "Mir" space-station.

D.N. Babin has 35 papers published in Russian and international magazines and school-book for informatics; two Russian patents concerning speech recognition; three grants from RFBR, two grants from Intel (USA) and two scholarship as the outstanding scientist.

D.N. Babin gives lectures in the special course "Automata theory" and leads the special seminar "Applications of the theory of discrete functions" as well as the seminar for students of 2nd course, and guides the scientific work of students and post-graduate students.

Email: babin аt intsys dоt msu dоt ru



Publications of Dmitry Nickolayevich Babin

  • Babin D.N. Decidebility of problem of completeness, for special automamta systems
    Discrete Matematics and Applications, V.6, N1 (1997), PP, VSP, Utrecht, the Netherlands, Tokyo, Japan. 0.1
  • Babin D.N. Undecidebility of problem of completeness
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  • Babin D.N. On completeness of the binary bounded determined functions with respect to superposition
    Discrete mathematics and applications, V1, N4, 1991 г. 0.7
  • Babin D.N. Verbal operation on automaton
    Springer Verlag, 1987 0.2
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