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 Computer Solver development of the Automatic solver of mathematical problems
 Computer Teacher development of computer teaching systems
 Information Monitoring creating the systems of information monitoring
 Search in Databases systems of fast search in extensive databases


The MaTIS Chair is ready to consider different cooperation priposals, including

  • performing a wide range of R&D by order, also for specific tasks related to algorithms formulation and development of software;
  • sale of finished products;
  • conducting joint research;
  • scientific consultations an a wide range of questions.

The circle of researches covers main directions of the theory of intelligent systems. We can relate to them:

Fundamental results in these directions are received. Examples of those:

  • a new combinatorial -logic method of pattern recognition is developed, its metric properties and efficiency are investigated; with its help the problems of finding oil, tin and other. mineral wealth's are solved;
  • the theory of finite automata and robots behaviour in abstract and real environments is advanced;
  • research of a problem of express and completeness for discrete functions and finite automata is conducted;
  • opportunities of mosaic structures as models of the circuits of parallel calculations and neural networks with self-training are investigated;
  • the theory of expert systems synthesis and computer solvers of problems is developed; the acting systems for the decision of mathematical problems and training to foreign languages are created which were demonstrated at International exhibitions;
  • expert systems for medicine and information monitoring systems are developed;
  • for wide classes of discrete functions methods of synthesis optimum on complexity the circuits of calculations are received, which adjusting large number of errors, examples of discrete functions also almost exponential complexity and etc. are constructed.
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