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Information Monitoring Systems

Technology for development of intelligent information systems for monitoring and evaluation of information flow for some process/problem was created on the chair.

These systems allow us to evaluate the current status of the process/problem, to make forecasting of the future status and modelling possible situations in the subject area. These systems have a capability to evaluate possible responses of information environment on new information.

Methods for development of an optimal information monitoring systems was developed and tested.

We developed such type of systems for non-proliferation of nuclear technologies, raw materials and components for nuclear weapons (customer is RISS), for monitoring and evaluation of peaceful nuclear activities (customer is IAEA), for socio-political problems (customer is Scientific Center "Kontur"), prototype of system for evaluation of competitive capacity of goods and development of optimal promotion strategies.

The obtained scientific and technological results can be used for development information monitoring systems in scientific, technical, economical, social, political and other areas.


The head of research group in this area is PhD, Senior Researcher Ryzhov Alexander.


Downloadable presentation (Microsoft Power Point Format): Alexander Ryzhov. On Application of a Linguistic Modelling Approach in Information Collection for Future Evaluation.

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