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Magazine Cover Lomonosov Moscow State University
Russian Academy of Technological Science
Russian Academy of Natural Science
Russian Academy of Science

"Intelligent systems"


Editor-in-chief: V.B. Kudryavtsev


Editorial board:

A.E. Andreev (deputy editor-in-chief),

A.S. Strogalov (deputy editor-in-chief),

A.A. Irmatov (executive secretary),

V.V. Alexandrov, S.V. Aleshin, D.N. Babin, V.A. Buevich, E.E. Gasanov, Yu.L. Yershov, Yu.I. Zhuravlev, V.N. Kozlov, L.N. Korolev, A.V. Mikhalev, V.A. Nosov, A.S. Podkolzin, D.A. Pospelov, Yu.P. Pytjev, A.S. Sigov, Yu.P. Shankin, Yu.N. Cheremnykh, A.V. Chechkin


International Scientific Council:

I.K. Bazinov (Russia), Z. Bien (Korea), S.N. Vasilev (Russia), V.V. Velichenko (Russia), A.I. Galushkin (Russia), A.A. Grusho (Russia), Ya. Demetrovich (Hungary), L. Zade (USA), E. Kerre (Belgium), G. Kilibarda (Serbia and Montenegro), Zh.Knap (Slovenia), P.S. Krasnoschekov (Russia), Zh.M. Lyabord (France), A. Nozaki (Japan), E.V. Popov (Russia), V.N. Redko (Ukraine), I. Rosenberg (Canada), A.P. Ryzhov (Russia) scientific secretary of council, A. Salomaa (Finland), S. Saksida (Slovenia), E.N. Sokolov (Russia), B. Talhaim (Germany), H. Tile (Germany), Sh. Ushchumlich (Serbia and Montenegro), Fan Din Zieu (Vietnam), Khen Chen Vu (China), R. Schepanovich (USA), G. Tsimmerman (Germany)


Editorial secretary: I.L. Mazurenko, K.V. Kharin


In the "Intelligent systems" magazine (published since 1996) the scientific achievements in the field of intelligent system's theory and applications, new information technologies and computer science are published.

The magazine publication is carried out under the aegis of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Scientific Council on complex problem "Cybernetics" RAS, Department "Mathematical problems of science intensive technologies" of ATS RF, "Informatics and cybernetics" section of RANS, MIREA, Center of science and education of MSU CF RAS RSUH "Intelligent systems and fuzzy technologies" (FTP "Integration", project I-0899/2139 "Mathematical research of complex systems", direction #3).

Chair MaTIS MSU, MSC CIT, CNIT MSU, ESC DNUEM RSUH are participating in the magazine publication.

Cadence Design Systems GmbH
(Mozartstr. 2, 85622 Feldkirchen, Germany),
LSI Logic Corporation
(2091 Landings Drive Mountain View Ca 94043 USA)


Address: 119899, Russia, Moscow, Vorobevy Gory, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, room 12-02.

117049, Russia, Moscow, Leninsky prospect, d. 9, ATS RF

Concerning publications please contact: tel. (495) 939-46-37, tel./fax: (495) 973-47-07, e-mail: is t intsys dt msu dot ru


c MSC CIT, 1999.

c SDC "Intelligent systems and fuzzy technologies", 1999.

UDK 519.95; 007:159.955. BBK 32.81. ISBN 5-7281-0436-3

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