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Nosov Valentin Alexandrovich

Ph.D., Senior Researcher

Valentin A. Nosov

Valentin Aleksandrovich Nosov was born on July 29, 1940 in the city of Vologda. Graduated from the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of MSU in 1963.

Area of scientific interests. Properties of finite automata in Boolean parametrization: some regularity criteria are obtained and wide classes of regular automata are constructed. Classification of problems by complexity: a number of problems in control systems are demonstrated to be hard. Combinatorial analysis of fuzzy sets: Hall's theory of transversals of systems of sets is extended to the case of fuzzy systems of sets.

V.A. Nosov lectures the course "Introduction to the theory of intelligent systems", holds special courses in algebraic cryptography, information security and coding, combinatorics and combinatorial optimization and manages a special seminar in modern problems of cryptography. Among his disciples there are 10 Philosophy Doctors and one Doctor of Science. V.A. Nosov has more than 100 publications.

Email: v dt a dt nosov t intsys dt msu dt ru



Publications of Valentin Alexandrovich Nosov

  • Nosov V.A. Information Security
    Teaching, training, research .
  • Nosov V.A. History of Cryptography in Lomonosov Moscow State University
    A Historical Review .
  • Nosov V.A. On systems of distinct representatives for families of fuzzy sets
    Intelligent systems, vol.3, 12, 1998. p. 265276.
  • Nosov V.A. A criterion for the regularity of a Boolean non-autonomous automaton with separated inputs
    Intelligent systems, vol.3, 34, 1998. p. 269280.
  • Nosov V.A. On the construction of classes of Latin squares in the Boolean database
    Intelligent systems, vol.4, 34, 1999. p. 307320.
  • Alekseev V.B. , Nosov V.A. NP-complete problems and their polynomial variants
    Obozrenie prikladnoj I promyshlennoj matematiki (Review of applied and industrial mathematics), vol.4, 2. 1997. p. 165193
  • Gizunov S.A. , Nosov V.A. On classification of all Boolean functions of four variables by Scheffer classes
    Obozrenie prikladnoj I promyshlennoj matematiki (Review of applied and industrial mathematics), vol.2, 3. 1995. p. 440467
  • Nosov V.A. Combinatorics and theory of graphs
    Textbook. Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics. Moscow, 1999. 116 p.
  • Nosov V.A. Principles of the theory of algorithms and analysis of their complexity
    Course of lectures. Moscow, 1992. 140 p.
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