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The Chair is teaching over 30 post-graduate students and over 100 undergraduate students.


Specialized courses and seminars of MaTIS Chair embrace all main areas of intelligent system theory.

The basic 1-year course "Discrete Mathematics" is taught by V.B. Kudryavtsev and A.S. Strogalov. The course explains core ideas and notions and main results of discrete mathematics.

The basic 1-year course "Intelligent System Theory", is taught by V.B. Kudryavtsev, A.S. Podkolzin, E.E. Gasanov, A.A. Chasovskikh and V.A. Nosov. The main areas covered by this course include pattern recognition, databases, decision-making, expert systems and solvers, logics, modeling and complexity theory.

The course "Automata Theory" is taught by V.B. Kudryavtsev, V.A. Buevich, A.S. Podkolzin, S.V. Aleshin and D.N. Babin. It contains main results in automata theory, the major part of which belongs to the members of MaTIS Chair.

The course "Algorithm Theory" taught by V.A. Buevich, I.A. Lavrov and V.A. Nosov is a traditional one. It allows students to master algorithms one of the main tools in mathematics.

The course "Pattern Recognition", taught by S.V. Aleshin and M.V. Nosov describes the main approaches to pattern recognition.

The course "Databases", taught by E.E. Gasanov is a new one. It describes an information graph approach to information storage and search problems as well as the traditional approaches.

The course "Intelligent solvers", taught by A.S. Podkolzin is also new. It describes the principles of intelligent behavior and their formalization. The results presented in this course are obtained by the researchers of MaTIS Chair.

The course "Mathematical Cybernetics" taught by E.E. Gasanov is for post-graduate students. The course is based on VAK program; it contains such areas as algorithms and schemes complexity, discrete function algebras, identical transformations, optimization, etc.

The course "Introduction to the Algebraic Theory of Codes", taught by A.A. Irmatov gives the overview of the main problems and results in error-correcting code theory.

The course "Information Security" taught by V.A. Nosov contains the main theoretical and applied results in this area.

The course "Cellular Automata Theory" taught by A.S. Podkolzin is devoted to cellular automata infinite locally homogeneous automata schemes.

The course "VLSI Synthesis Methods" taught by A.E. Andreev and A.A. Chasovskikh is an applied one. It describes the procedures used in VLSI synthesis, estimates the complexity, and shows how to create a design on the basis of a macrodescription of its functioning.

The course "Mathematical Economics" taught by Y.N. Cheremnykh is devoted to modeling of economical processes by the means of mathematics.

The course "Mathematical Models of Economical Calculations" taught be A.A. Irmatov is new. It is devoted to mathematical models and acceptable formalizations used in decision-making in macroeconomics and microeconomics.

The course "Mathematical Biology", taught by V.N. Kozlov consists of several layers corresponding to modeling of biological structures of cells, tissues, organisms and population.

The course "Fuzzy Mathematics", taught by A.P. Ryjov is devoted to a relatively new approach to studying events and processes that can not be described precisely. This approach allows to suggest a technology for processing fuzzy data and creating corresponding computer models.

For every course there is a seminar for students of second year and older.

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