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 V.B. Kudryavtsev Head of MaTIS Chair, Acad., Dr. of Sc., Kudryavtsev Valeriy Borisovich
 Laboratory Laboratory for Problems of Theoretical Cybernetics (in Russian)

Chair of Mathematical Theory of Intelligent Systems (MaTIS)

G.Syrkin, V.Kudryavtsev, V.Nosov, A.pankratiev, A.Irmatov MaTIS Chair was founded in 1991. It is incorporated in the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University and is the only Russian body offering training of mathematicians in the field of intelligent systems.

The Chair consists of over 30 scientists, including 10 Doctors of Science and 12 PhDs. The members of MaTIS Chair have published over 40 monographs, over 100 patents and several hundred scientific articles. A number of scientists have won grants of RFDBR, INTAS, Intel Corp., scientific contests, international and Russian honorary ranks. Postgraduate students of MaTIS Chair have won a number LSI Logic scholarships.

The Chair has experience of joint technological research with a number of corporations, such as LSI Logic (USA), Intel Corp. (USA), Link&Link (Germany), Russian organizations.

Head of Matis chair prof. Valery Kudryavtsev The Chair of MaTIS is headed by Academician Valery Borisovich Kudryavtsev.

The Chair is the core if the scientific and organizational complex which also contains the Laboratory for problems of theoretical cybernetics, Moscow scientific center on culture and information technologies (MSC CIT), scientific and training center "Intelligent Systems and Fuzzy Technologies". Science and Culture seminar

The chair closely cooperates with Scientific and Production Center "CD-ROM Club", Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of RATS, and with related MSU chairs and departments.

The chair keeps in touch with scientific centers of Moscow, Novosibirsk, Saratov, Volgograd, Tver, Donetsk and etc. There are joint research projects with scientific centers of Germany, USA, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, China, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria and other countries. MaTIS Chair is one of co-founders of Russian-German Institute of Science and Culture.

MaTIS Chair stages the Open Seminar "Science and Culture" visited by such honored speakers as S. Govorukhin, M. Botvinnik, A. Logunov, N. Gubenko, U. Vlasov, I. Glazunov, V. Belov, V. Rasputin, A. Chuchalin, N, Leonov, etc.

MaTIS Chair is the organizer of the International conference "Intelligent Systems and Computer Sciences". The representatives of different generations of the scientists working in this area meet here. Every year about 120 participants from 20 countries take part in the Conference.


Our address: The MaTIS chair, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Vorobjovy Hills, Moscow, Russian Federation, 119899

Phone: +7 (495) 939-4504, +7 (495) 939-4637

Fax: +7 (495) 939-4504, +7 (495) 939-2090

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