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Computer Teaching Systems

IDEA programming shell (jointly with the Link&Link firm, Germany) for creation of intelligent training systems with preset degree of behaviour complexity. The development of intelligent training systems is performed on the base of use of automate ideology of adaptive behaviour of a complex system in the information environment. At present there have been developed a range of courses of teaching foreign languages, informatics, medicine, etc. both in the self-training mode (CD-ROM) and with opportunities to use them in the remote teaching mode on the base of net technologies. The Link&Link firm has promoted version "IDEA 2.0 Professional" to the EU market. By foreign experts assessments it surpasses software of analogous application by a number of parameters. Intelligent training systems based on above mentioned ideology of automatic modelling can automatically adjust to the student with regard for his individual characteristics (type of memory, concentration, fatiguability, abilities, etc.) and perform-optimal presentation of the teaching material.

The head of group of scientists working in this area is PhD Alexander S. Strogalov


For more details read the article Kudrjavcev V. B., Waschik K., Strogalov A. S., Alisejtshik P. A., Peretruchin V. V. "Modeling educational process using expert system"

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