On the 3th of November a report of Drozdov Alexander, manager of Intel Corp. in Russia was presented on the seminar "Mathematics of computers, chips, and electronic circuits". The state-of-the-art in the field of development of compilers for acceleration of calculations in modern computers has been described in the report. Principles were detailed out for paralleling program complexes for the adapted calculation in a computer. The work of these principles of are illustrated on concrete examples. Efficiency of application of the compilers constructed on realization of these principles is analyzed. The discussion was held about possible increase of compilers' efficiency optimizing calculating processes. Both professionals from MSU, Intel and students of department of mechanics and mathematics took part in the discussion.

Considering the strategic importance of electronic circuits in industrial progress and science intensive process of their design and use, we open seminar "Mathematics of computers, chips, and electronic circuits" at department of mechanics and mathematics of the Moscow State University. Cadence Design Systems, Inc. and Intel, Corp. supports this seminar. Department of mechanics and mathematics of the Moscow State University is the most known scientific center in the field of mathematics and its applications, and all conditions for work of such seminar are already prepared.


The main purposes of this seminar are the following:

1. The seminar is a place where scientists, technologists and engineers meet for target setting, discussions and search of decisions connected with design and use of integrated circuits.

2. The seminar implements scientific and technical contacts for both domestic and foreign experts in the field of design and use of electronic computing systems.

3. Students, post-graduates, researchers, professors, both mathematics and engineering faculties of universities and academia participate in this seminar together with experts.

4. The great material for motivation of the activity in mentioned areas is available for participants.

5. Young participants have access to course and graduation works in the field of electronic design and computing systems.

6. The most interesting materials of the seminar will be published in magazine "Intellectual systems" by Moscow State University and the Russian Academy of Science.

7. Based on a seminar the expanded research-and-production sessions and the conferences devoted to cutting edge problems of electronic design will be held.


Seminar organization:

· The representatives of science and electronic industry lead this seminar.

· The seminar will be held 1-2 times per month with Internet notification.

· The seminar will be reflected in the faculty schedule, and be enrolled in study hours.

· The Main feature of a seminar is the opportunity of a real combination of a science, education, and industry in electronics design area.


Valery Kudryavtsev, Professor,
Head of chair "Mathematical theory of intellectual systems",
Department of mechanics and mathematics,
Moscow State University n.a. Lomonosov

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